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Fully bonded structural arch with hidden stainless steel lintels

Reinforced Brick Cladding

SAFESECURE®  Secure retention of facing bricks in all situations.

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brick lintelsThese brick arches are appropriate for those situations where structural support is provided by lintels or bearing by others.

These purely decorative arches are used widely in modern housing developments to achieve maximum ‘kerb appeal’ at a relatively low cost.

Often these arches are supplied fully bonded with a non-structural support so the bricklayer can lift the arch or arch segment into position on the standard lintel. Where arches are required longer than 1000mm the arch is normally supplied in two or more sections to be fitted together and pointed on site.

Non Structural Arches

Jafar Hall, Eton College

This award winning project features conservation grade brickwork as well as stonework features and more than 80 brick arches for which Brick Cutters produced 28 of the more complicated arches.

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

After a  decade-long transformation the Midland Grand hotel, the Victorian palace attached to St Pancras station, was returned it to its original luxury in 2011.

St Pancras Station

brick archesWest Elevation arches were set out & hand cut at Brick Cutters' workshops. The project won 4 titles and high praise from Judges at the 2006 Brick Awards. The Renaissance Hotel was completed in 2010 in similar style and quality.