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Fully bonded structural arch with hidden stainless steel lintels

Reinforced Brick Cladding

SAFESECURE®  Secure retention of facing bricks in all situations.

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Accreditations to quality standards and industry awards are of vital importance to Bulmer Brick Cutting. Listed below are some of these accreditations:

ISO 9001:2015

All of Bulmer Brick Cutting’s business is certified to ISO 9001:2015 for quality management and this provides the framework for its client satisfaction process ranging from enquiries, orders, production, delivery & problem resolution.

The scope of registration includes the provision of the design and manufacture of brick and masonry components including fabricated special shapes, brick profiling, brick carving, decorative brick features, decorative lintels and traditional brick arch structures.

ISO 9001 Certificate of Registration


SAFESECURE® BDA Agrément Certificate

The BDA Agrément® process is designed to underpin the ‘fitness for purpose’ of products destined for the European construction market. Products are examined and rigorously tested following precise installation instructions. Agréments confirm the compliance and durability of the product under the specified method of installation.

Agréments are recognised by architects, specifiers, engineers and Building Control personnel, and give suppliers and purchasers the confidence that their products are suitable for their intended use and fit for purpose.

The BDA Agrément® certificate takes into account:

  • European product standards, relevant codes of practice and test reports
  • Independently verified product characteristics
  • Factory production control
  • Annual verification procedures
  • Points of attention for the specifier and specific details
  • Installation procedure
  • Compliance with Building Regulations and any other required standards
  • Boundaries of use (restriction to geographical scope)
  • Validity

The thermal performance, structural performance (e.g. wind-uplift resistance), condensation and water penetration risk, behaviour in relation to fire and durability of the SafeSecure® system has been included in the scope of its Agrément Certificate BAW 18-068/02/A. View the certificate here

The UKAS accredited test results validate these brick cladding systems as suitable for incorporation into NHBC approvals.


ISO 7892, BS8200, ETAG 034, ETAG 004, EN TS 722-22, BS EN 1015-12

Bulmer Brick Cutting have designed & tested a brick clad composite lintel, a basic brick cladding panel, and a stainless steel framed brick cladding panel, which can be securely used in specific locations and situations such as in curtain wall brickwork, public areas and above ground floor level.

The structural performance of these brick cladding systems has been verified by Lucideon, a UKAS accredited testing laboratory in the following reports, which can be made available on request:

  • Brick Cladding Panel Weathering to determine the performance and bond strength of brick/backing board composite panels (test report 143550/Ref.1/Sup.1)
  • Brick Slip Lintel Weathering to determine the performance and bond strength of brick/steel composite lintels (test report 174395/Ref. 1/CR1)

In accordance with the following standards:

  • BS8200 & ISO 7892 (soft and hard body impact)
  • ETAG 034 & ETAG 004 (accelerated weathering, brick slip bonding)
  • EN TS 722-22 (freeze thaw testing for masonry units)
  • BS EN 1015-12 (adhesive strength of hardened rendering and plastering mortars on substrates)

The UKAS accredited test results validate these brick cladding systems as suitable for incorporation into NHBC approvals.


Bronze FORS Accreditation ID number 007922

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary accreditation scheme encompassing all aspects of safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and improved operations. Bronze FORS accreditation confirms that Bulmer Brick Cutting employs good practices and complies with the requirements laid out by the Bronze FORS Standard. This includes demonstrating dedication to driver and vehicle safety, combined with improving operating practices through effective monitoring of fuel and tyre usage.

Our driver is ALLMI qualified as a crane operator for the lorry mounted Atlas 120 crane.



Jafar Gallery and Jafar Hall are part of the largest new development at Eton College since it was founded. It features conservation grade brickwork as well as stonework features and more than 80 brick arches for which Bulmer Brick Cutting produced 28 of the more complicated arches. This 2015 award is in addition to one for an earlier phase of Eton College development, the Bekyton Field Project, that won a similar award with the same team in 2014.

Bekynton Field is the largest new development at Eton College since it was founded. Lee Marley Brickwork received the Best Craftsmanship Award for the project in the 2014 Brick Awards for which Bulmer Brick Cutting produced 28 of the more complicated arches. The judges commented “the technical virtuosity demanded by the project is of the highest order, to which the team has responded magnificently.”

Bromley Road, London is a residential block for which Bulmer produced 36 brick clad hanging soffit hidden stainless steel lintels to balconies and openings, several thousand plain cuts, pistol stretchers and cut & bonded external angles. Lee Marley Brickwork received the Specialist Brickwork Contractor of the Year in the 2014 Brick Awards for projects including Bromley Road and Bekynton Field (above). The judges commented on the impressive “precision and accuracy which consistently ran through all projects” and to which Bulmer Brick Cutting contributed.

The Old Workshop, with its ‘hidden’ door built into the brickwork of an existing wall won the 2012 AJ Small Projects Awards and was described by the judges as ‘delightful’. The supplied bricks were cut and bonded to the steel door.

St. Pancras Station West Elevation arches were set out & hand cut at Bulmer's workshops. The project won 4 titles and high praise from Judges at the 2006 Brick Awards. The Renaissance Hotel was completed in 2010 in similar style and quality.