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Fully bonded structural arch with hidden stainless steel lintels

Reinforced Brick Cladding

SAFESECURE®  Secure retention of facing bricks in all situations.

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brick cladding panelsThis enhanced brick cladding panel is targeted on modular construction where there is a requirement for large, stable panels that provide a fast, safe solution to traditional brickwork.

The bespoke brick wall panel is securely bonded to a purpose made stainless steel carrier frame using epoxy resin. The frame can then be built into the main elevation or curtain wall brickwork and is ready for pointing.

The efficiencies of factory fabrication and the reduction of on-site wet trades, make this a potentially very fast and cost effective modular construction method.

Our steel framed brick cladding has an anticipated design life of between 25-60 years with the stainless steel frame likely to outlive the building structure.

The structural performance has been verified by a UKAS accredited testing laboratory in accordance with the following standards:
• BS8200 & ISO 7892 (soft and hard body impact)
• ETAG 034 & ETAG 004 (accelerated weathering, brick slip bonding)

The UKAS accredited test results validates these brick cladding panels as suitable for incorporation into NHBC approvals.

The image foreground shows a smaller brick clad panel together with the laser cut template that ensures uniform placement of brick slips to a high tolerance.

Brick Cladding Projects

Former St. Albans Museum

This project comprises 3 & 4 bedroom dwellings with the road side elevation retaining the old museum façade. Its distinctly Roman influenced appearance included decorative arches and has become synonymous with the city of St Albans. Any development to the site had to be in keeping with this style whilst bringing a contemporary feel to the area.

White Collar Factory, Old Street Yard EC1

The redevelopment of a corner site at Old Street / Silicon Roundabout included a tower and low-rise buildings.

The end elevations carried large steel ventilation ducts which were to be clad in brickwork to replicate the appearance of the wet laid facades. To ensure safety and retention of the cladding over the building design life, the ducts were clad in the SafeSecure® system using slips cut from the same brick type.

Great Suffolk Street, Southwark

This refurbishment and extension of a Victorian warehouse used high quality, crafted materials to complement the existing Victorian building.Two elevations of a two-storey extension to the warehouse featured Victorian style tiles under each window.

The designers were challenged to find a method for mechanically fixing these tiled panels which the SafeSecure® system achieved.

Hoxton Towers, Hackney

The two landmark Towers nestle between Shoreditch Park and the Regents Canal in Hackney, east London. Bulmer Brick Cutting Services are responsible for twelve of the fifteen brick related products being supplied and installed at these striking new tower blocks, as well as several ancillary items and fittings.