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Fully bonded structural arch with hidden stainless steel lintels

Reinforced Brick Cladding

SAFESECURE®  Secure retention of facing bricks in all situations.

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Cut & bonded special bricks are any brick shapes fabricated from one or more bricks. The process has developed out of the demands from the modern construction industry and the massive consolidation of independent brick manufacturers into large manufacturing groups. The large groups struggle to cater quickly and efficiently for the wide variety of brick specials required in all the different brick types.

Out of this problem the brick bonding solution was developed. Brick angles are bonded together across mitred cuts with a strong, industry-standard, two-part epoxy resin. The joint is disguised using coloured resin, sands and brick dust.

All standard metric brick angles are fabricated from regular metric facing bricks. The accuracy of the colour and finish depends largely upon the original colour and texture of the face brick. However many bricks from UK and European manufactures, do not meet the basic dimensions of 215mm x 102.5mm x 65mm.

Non-standard specials of any angle and shape can be quoted from your sketch or architect’s detail. You can specify your brickwork bond and we will calculate the most appropriate and economical lengths to suit your needs. We will not waste your material. All unused brick will be returned to you.

Simply specify or sketch your requirements and we will design a solution to suit your needs.

angle blocksExternal Angles

Standard angles and squints of 30º, 45º & 60º are itemised here. Any angle and any length (within the dimensions of your facing brick) can be achieved at the same cost as standard specials.

Internal Angles

Standard internal angles and Doglegs of 30º, 45º & 60º are itemised here. Any angle and any length (within the dimensions of your facing brick), can be achieved at the same cost as standard specials.

Fabricated Brick Specials

Copings, coping returns and pier caps larger than standard brick dimensions can be fabricated in the work shop in days rather than months, and delivered to site ready to lay.

Half Bats

Modern cavity wall buildings built in traditional brick bonds require many different half brick bats, three quarter brick bats, king closers, queen closers & quarter closers. All bricks can be cut on our modern accurate and specially modified dry cutting saws.


Bonded Brick Projects

Bromley Road, London

Bromley Road is a residential block for which Brick Cutters produced 36 brick clad hanging soffit hidden stainless steel lintels to balconies and openings, several thousand plain cuts, pistol stretchers and cut & bonded external angles.

Lee Marley Brickwork received the Specialist Brickwork Contractor of the Year in the 2014 Brick Awards for projects including Bromley Road and Bekynton Field.

The Old Workshop, London

The office and home, with its ‘hidden’ door built into the brickwork of an existing wall won the 2012 AJ Small Projects Awards and was described by the judges as ‘delightful’.