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Fully bonded structural arch with hidden stainless steel lintels

Reinforced Brick Cladding

SAFESECURE®  Secure retention of facing bricks in all situations.

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A brick arch is the traditional and one of the most aesthetically pleasing methods of masonry support over an opening in brick or stone walling. Arches come in all shapes and sizes and this section outlines the important features of each main arch style. All gauged or cut-brick arches are assembled from accurately tapered brick sections called voussoirs.

Part of the appeal of a brick arch is that you can see and understand how it works. An arch makes sense to the eye; you can see how it supports a load. When an arch is carefully built with a high degree of skill, with uniform parallel joints, and laid symmetrically about a centre line, it is a work of art in its own right.

If you wish to make an enquiry, place an order, or simply discuss a forthcoming project, you will be able to gather the basic information you need by browsing these main arch styles:

types of brick arch segmental brick arch semicircular arch semicircular arch
three centred arch bulls eye arch brick arches