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Fully bonded structural arch with hidden stainless steel lintels

Reinforced Brick Cladding

SAFESECURE®  Secure retention of facing bricks in all situations.

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The list of standard brick shapes is available here; however, any size, angle, or special brick shape, can be fabricated from basic stock facing bricks. Some materials are more suitable to processing than others. The most successful results come from well-made, regular size; sand faced traditional bricks with a ‘frog’, (the trough in the top of the brick, filled with mortar when laid). The only limiting factors are the dimensions of the original facing brick.

brick slips

If you cannot find your required brick special listed, simply send your designers drawing, or sketch your requirements. If you decide to order, we will email you a drawing of the solution for your approval, matching your brick bond and designed to suit your needs.

Cut and bonded bricks include:

  • Brick slips
  • Brick tiles
  • Squint bricks
  • Internal angles and doglegs
  • Pistols & stretchers
  • Headers & returns
  • Slip headers & stretchers

Refaced brick specials include:

  • Plinth bricks
  • Angle bricks
  • Cant bricks
  • Returns & stretchers
  • Headers & upright headers
  • Cill bricks, soldier courses
  • Profiled shapes, corbels & refaced bricks
  • Copings & coping returns, pier caps

Bonding bricks include:

  • Half brick bats, Three quarter brick bats
  • King closers
  • Queen closers
  • Quarter closers

All of these standard and special brick shapes are regularly cut, bonded and fabricated into lintels and features, manufactured off site, for a ‘just in time delivery' to site. This improves your cash flow by reducing site storage costs plus potentially expensive damage and at the same time creating ‘kerb appeal’ on your new development.

Special Brick Projects

Bromley Road, London

Bromley Road is a residential block for which Brick Cutters produced 36 brick clad hanging soffit hidden stainless steel lintels to balconies and openings, several thousand plain cuts, pistol stretchers and cut & bonded external angles.

Lee Marley Brickwork received the Specialist Brickwork Contractor of the Year in the 2014 Brick Awards for projects including Bromley Road and Bekynton Field.

Tate 2 Extension

A new development project to the south of the existing building will transform Tate Modern.

This 11 storey pyramidal stack is surprisingly a glass clad building with a brick façade supported on a metal exoskeleton 200mm from the glass cladding.

The Old Workshop, London

The office and home, with its ‘hidden’ door built into the brickwork of an existing wall won the 2012 AJ Small Projects Awards and was described by the judges as ‘delightful’.